Flags: We have a variety of flags. 

Horsemanship Flags

Horsemanship Flags

  Branaman flag by Double Diamond.  $50.00

Long Flag/Lunge, good all around flag. Interchangeable Flag/ Lunge Whip $25.00

Long Economy Flag, they last quite a long time, nice feel in your hands. $15.00

Short Economy, really convenient when working colts from horseback $15.00


Soft Ropes: XXX Soft Double Diamond Horse Ropes $90.00


XXX Soft Poly these are a 3 strand 5/15” grey poly with Montana Buckaroo Honda $45.00

(We prefer these ropes for horse ropes they release pressure immediately, they have a little different feel to them and they are extremely soft and take some getting used to)


Rope Halters

Rope Halters

Rope Halters: Twisted Knot Nose Bands $15.00, Regular Knot Nose Band $15.00, Standard Rope Halters $12.00

  Lead Ropes

Arborist Lead Rope

Arborist Lead Rope with rawhide knot 14’ $45.00.
Braided Poly Lead Rope 14” 3/4”(not shown) without knot $20.00.

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