I have been building chinks and chaps for over thirty years. I have built hundreds and hundreds, all of them unique, no two pair have ever been built identical. We make a number of different types of Chinks; from Fancy Show Chinks to Hard Working Buckaroo Chinks.

All of my chinks are built tough, are good looking and most important comfortable. I build them to fit comfortably and to last. Custom Chinks are my specialty and your imagination is the limit on design, color and cut. Choice of Basket Stamped or Hand tooled yokes and side shields. Your choice of the fuller Nevada Cut, the narrower California Cut or the Montana Cut. Specify buckle or snap closures. BASE PRICES Start at $285.00

Chink Details

Chink Cuts

Chink Cuts: Montana Cut, Nevada Cut, California Cut

Chink Suspenders
If chinks have ever made your hips hurt, like during brandin’, or doing ground work all day, here’s the solution. These sharp looking chink suspenders are also great when wearing heavy winter clothes. When ordering chinks let us know if you would like them, we have to add the D-Rings on top of your chinks. Plain $15.00/ Stamped $30.00 / Tooled $50.00

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