We make a wide variety of Armitas, from the traditional style with a tie waist and also with a buckle at the waist. Everything we make is one of a kind. We make everything from the traditional buckskin Armitas with rolled leather buttons to the more modern Armitas with tooled waist belts and step through legs. Armitas are extremely comfortable especially on your hips and waist. BASE PRICE $285.00 There are many colors, that are not available all of the time.

Traditional Armitas Are made from deer, elk or moccasin tanned cowhide. These are built like the old traditional Armitas with no sewing and hand laced. Each leg has 4 rolled leather buttons, these have the traditional long cut leg. The waist has a long tie strap that wraps around and ties in front. Each leg strap is also easily adjustable.

Shotgun Armitas

Armita Tops

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